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A while back Peter Nguyen, Luca Farinelli and I joined 11 other teams in a quick project looking at improving or reinventing a NY Subway station. The results from all participants were interesting and are well worth a look. SUBSERIES 


Our approach to the project was to leave the existing character of the NY subway intact and create both a visual and a functional contribution. Peter's contribution was to use the layers of subway tiles built up over years of repairs and renovations to create a beautiful display of both form and history. 

My contribution was to look at improving the air quality of the subway by removing the steel dust in the air. During regular subway operations the constant grinding of steel wheels on the rails leaves a fine steel dust in the air and coated on every surface. The solution was to replace the existing lighting for the station and replace it with a light which has a magnetic base. The base provides a solution to removing the metallic particulate from the air while creating an ever growing set of ferrous stalactites suspended over the station. The newly integrated lighting system also has multiple displays which inform riders of the occupancy of each region of an approaching train so that riders are able to queue for the best available cars.


This is just a quick break of of portions of our project. For more information you can see more of the project HERE. A book was also produced showing the completed projects and can be found HERE.

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