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Death of a Sukkah

As many of you may know theverymany's entry into Sukkah City never made it (in one piece) to union square. The Sukkah was loaded on the back of a flat bed truck fully completed with the exception of  a top piece which would later be added on site. We knew we were taking a risk constructing it off site and transporting it to union square, however we would not have had the required time necessary to build it on site. While crossing the Manhattan Bridge the structure gave way, collapsing on itself due to both wind, and the manor in which it was strapped down. When we arrived on site and surveyed the damage and attempted to resurrect it with no success. After coming to the conclusion it could not be saved it was removed around 3 am on sunday. Marc Fornes has also posted a record of the event. The materials was a 3 ply veneer roughly 1/16th an inch thick, held together with aluminum rivets. We knew that we were taking a few risks with the material, new script and open transportation however moved forward considering all the risks involved in the spirit of innovation. 

For more on the project visit:


The Sukkah during construction.

Sukkah minus the top in the Gowanus Studio space.

 The last time the Sukkah was seen in one piece.

Images by: Marc Fornes of theverymany LLC

I am presently putting together a collection of as many images of the project as possible.

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